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Owl Night Can Mockup-v2.jpg

Owl Night

An energy drink and study aid designed for college students who need an extra boost while studying long hours.


This hypothetical energy drink was created as part of an undergraduate design project.


Sole Designer


2 weeks

Below I cover the development of the drink's logo and brand identity, presenting mockups of the finished product at the end.


"Design the logo and branding of a hypothetical study aid targeted at college students. Create digital renders or mockups of the product's packaging."

- Art 450, University of Washington

Drafting the Logo

A common occurrence in student life is having the impending anxiety of an exam or a backlog of homework keep you up, late into the night, studying. The term "all-nighter", meaning to stay awake until the work is done, is often used by students to describe this form of cramming. I drew inspiration from this phrase to emphasize the energy drink's targeted demographic.

Due to the nocturnal nature of these cramming sessions, I chose one of nature's most recognizable nocturnal animals, the owl, for the project's branding. I utilized the word "owl" in place of "all" as a pun, turning "all night" into "owl night". 

Furthermore, for the logo, I turned the word "owl" into an abstract representation of an owl's face, with the letter "o" and crescent moon within it representing the eye.


Can Design

With the energy drink’s logo established, I began ironing out the rest of the brand identity. For the primary color, I settled on pale yellow, a color heavily associated with the moon. It would be exclusively used for the crescent moon within the logo, bats, and the title copy “Night Energy.” The flavor of each drink determined secondary colors.


The remaining elements incorporated in the can design all serve to emphasize the brand’s nocturnal theme.

Layout of the can's design before and after finishing touches. I used a grid to ensure symmetry between the different elements.


Lastly, I applied the design to 3D renders of aluminum cans in Photoshop, creating several mockups to showcase the product and its flavor options.


Royalty-free images of apples and blueberries were sourced from Adobe Stock.


Photograph of black cat (courtesy of my roommate Jakob) by August Bruno.

Royalty-free image of blueberries was sourced from Adobe Stock.

Royalty-free image of roses was sourced from Adobe Stock.

Thank you for reading!

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